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Business Project Developmet

Warwick, RI and Naples, FL Business Project Lawyers

A successful business operation rarely stands still. Growth is essential to every business. The ability to maintain established or emerging customer revenue is the main stay goal of every business. To successfully grow their businesses, entrepreneurs and development teams usually need knowledgeable and skilled project assistance.

How Our Attorneys Assist with Business Projects

Our unique project development experience spans public and private projects. When clients approach us about their business development project we have learned that the most important value we can give to our clients is to listen. When we listen, we learn. When we learn we can creatively assist the client team to achieve their goal through progressive project development.

We do not hesitate to initiate innovative legislation that improves the economic development of a region while simultaneously benefitting our client’s goals. We are known for helping businesses coordinate their goals with cities and towns to develop projects integral to the fabric of their communities using creative and collaborative approaches. The transactions, financing, and negotiations involved with business projects demand legal guidance. At Indeglia Lutrario Attorneys at Law, our Warwick, Rhode Island and Naples, Florida attorneys assist clients with all aspects of their business projects, from concept to ground-breaking to opening day. Only by carefully listening is this accomplished.

How Our Attorneys Assist with Business Projects

Our law firm can provide you with creative legal solutions that keep you moving toward your development and growth goals. We tailor our services to the individual needs of your business. Some examples of Project Development services we have provided for our clients have included:

  • Development of a multi-use residential, multi family and medical project through the re-development of an aged Brown Field Site resulting in an investment of over $200,000,000 into a site that languished unused for over 50 years
  • Municipal planning, zoning and then construction of a $40 Million Dollar 90,000 square foot orthopedic surgical center and office complex while assisting in financing a long term real estate tax treaty
  • Using the local receivership process to revitalize abandoned properties transforming long standing urban blight into market rate multi-unit condominiums
  • Re-purposing environmentally contaminated land bringing no real estate tax income to the local community into a self-contained clean-up project resulting in a $55 Million Dollar renewable energy solar farm project
  • Negotiating an extensive construction and economic development compact between a local hospital and municipality resulting in 100’s of construction jobs and an equal number of permanent medical provider and support staff jobs for the local economy
  • Restructuring a failing real estate project in a blighted community to create the communities first mixed use residential project. This ignited the start of further private development in the municipality’s least productive demographic area.

Our law firm and the attorneys serving our clients regularly work with our clients to:

  • Help develop document preparation and management systems for construction projects
  • Obtain financing for all types of businesses
  • Assist in maneuvering through state and local regulatory processes
  • Prepare zoning applications and represent clients at planning and zoning hearings
  • Negotiate and consummate partnership and joint venture financing agreements
  • Complete Land assembly
  • Negotiate and draft tenant leases

Whatever business development project upon which your company seeks to embark, our lawyers will guide you through the process effectively to help you meet your goals on time and on budget. Indeglia Lutrario Attorneys at Law has helped clients with projects such as:

  • Medical office buildings
  • Surgical centers
  • Commercial retail developments
  • Mixed use commercial opportunities
  • Office parks
  • Arts spaces such as studios and auditoriums
  • Restaurants
  • Auto dealerships
  • Renewable Energy Sites

Our lawyers will work closely with your business to anticipate potential pitfalls and implement strategies to move the project to a successful and profitable conclusion. Clients rely on our law firm to protect their interests and ensure successful project completion.

We Offer Project Planning and Strategy

Our law firm handles more than drafting of legal documents. We can help round out your existing team of project planners, by bringing creative and innovative ideas and methods to identify and achieve your goals. We show clients how they can leverage the business climate in their industry or geographical area. We work in tandem with your entire project team lending new ideas and methods to help you succeed and realize your vision.

Handling Problems Arising During Business Projects

We are problem solvers not problem creators. Any business project, whether large or small, can hit obstacles along the way. Instead of just identifying problematic issues and pointing out legal obstacles to success, our job is to remove the obstacles—in advance if possible, and find efficient and timely solutions. While we prefer to use non-judicial methods of problem solving, we have also found there are certain situations where equitable court proceedings are the most direct path to obtaining and achieving a client goal. We handle business litigation matters involving:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary obligation
  • Administrative and regulatory agency matters
  • Mastership and Receivership Proceedings
  • Tax incentive issues
  • Construction defects
  • Construction delays
  • Professional malpractice
  • Planning, Zoning and land use matters

Whether at trial, through negotiations, or in mediation sessions, our attorneys know how to be your advocate when roadblocks and problems arise during your business project.

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Our Rhode Island and Florida attorneys undertake legal issue that arises during the planning and progression of your business development project. Find out how our law firm can help you compete your business project successfully. Contact Indeglia Lutrario Attorneys at Law. Telephone or send an email to schedule an appointment.

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