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Business Formation Lawyers in RI and FL

Indeglia Lutrario helps people start and grow their business organizations. Our clients include small and large commercial developers, sole owners, small business commercial organizations and startup ventures of all kinds. We know that organizing your business properly from the start is the foundation for your future planning in sales, taxation, finance and success. Businesses appreciate the skill, knowledge, and experience employed by our attorneys and staff, who are dedicated to solving issues before they become problems and positioning clients for growth and success. Whether you are in Florida, Rhode Island or anywhere in the United States we can help you form the right organization for your business.

Examples of Our Business Formation Services

The lawyers at Indeglia Lutrario Attorneys at Law provide comprehensive business legal services that include:

  • Determining the correct legal structure that best aligns with the client’s situation. We help businessorganizations determine whether their proposed organizational structure is best suited for them. We analyze the pro's and con's of whether the client is best served by a limited liability company (LLC), C corporation, Sub Chapter S corporation, general or limited partnership, and/or sole proprietorship. We analyze factors such as anticipated size, sources of revenue, business exit strategies, proposed management structure, longevity of the company and potential tax issues to get your business off to a strong start.
  • Purchasing or selling a businesses can be a complex process. Whether you are seeking to acquire a business through a stock purchase or an asset purchase, we can help structure the transaction as favorably as possible. Our attorneys have the training and skill to provide solid business advice during preliminary negotiations, the drafting of inter member or shareholder agreements, preparation and review of closing documents, and consummating and attending the closing to ensure that all matters are handled correctly. We will evaluate tax and successor liability issues to ensure that any sale or purchase meets your business goals. Clients can be confident that buy-and-sell agreements and any other legal documents are drafted to protect them into the future.
  • Buying an existing company involves understanding the proper due diligence and obtaining business financing. Our lawyers will introduce clients to potential sources of financing, including banks, government agencies, commercial finance companies, syndicated lenders, equity for particular industries and asset-based lenders. Financing the purchase or expansion of a business can involve restructuring, loan modifications, workouts, bridge loans, mezzanine financing and equity. Whatever the source of financing, our attorneys ensure that transactions are completed correctly and that the client’s interests are protected.
  • Because most businesses are covered by local, state and federal regulations, an important part of establishing a new business is understanding and complying with all applicable regulations. Our attorneys work with clients to ensure they understand their compliance obligations. We also work with regulatory agencies when clients have questions or have difficulty complying.

Once we have helped establish the business, the attorneys at Indeglia Lutrario Attorneys at Law continue to support their clients’ business operations. We undertake drafting and administering contracts of all kinds, including construction contracts, employee contracts, and supplier contracts. When problems or disputes arise, we are able to undertake the negotiations and if necessary, the litigation needed to resolve matters. When a client is involved in a special project, such as constructing a building, plant or buying a new business, lawyers in our firm are the best at providing all the related legal services you may need.

Call Our Law Firm to Learn How We Help Start Businesses in Rhode Island and Florida

Some clients have referred to us as their “in-house” or “general” counsel. They mean that we are their first stop regarding all of their legal issues that may arise in the day-to-day operation of their businesses. We have structured affordable programs to establish retainer and general business issue responses for our clients. To learn how our Florida and Rhode Island lawyers can help your business succeed, contact Indeglia Lutrario Attorneys at Law. Call or contact us online for an appointment.

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